instructor Lauren Church works on masks used in workshop.
Variations on mask Model 1.model-2

November 20 Mask Workshop – LA Area


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Good Krampus masks are not easy to come by in the US. The few mass-produced masks made here can be somewhat lacking.

Buying an authentic mask from a German-speaking vendor overseas can be daunting as well as expensive ($300-700 and shockingly expensive to ship.)

Many consider making their own masks, but have difficulty sourcing the appropriate materials and sculpting a mask they are happy with.

Our mask-making workshop does not rely on sculpting skills but takes more of a kit-assembly approach that ensures the quality of the end result while allowing you the ability to create your own custom look. Kits include all necessary paints and adhesives, a selection of paintable pre-cast resin faces with ears (Model 1 or 2), materials for teeth, gums, and tongues, a selection of fur colors, as well as authentic goat, ram, or other horns as available.

LOS ANGELES DATE: 1-5pm, Saturday, November 20.

PLACE: Location in Pasadena TBA.

COST: $300. ($150 for materials, $150 for instruction).

Workshops will be lead by Krampus LA director and author of the upcoming The Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas, Al Ridenour and art school instructor and manager Lauren Church.

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