2017 Krampus Run

Thursday, December 14, 8-9pm.
Outdoors on Winston St. between Main and Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013

Thursday, December 14, 9pm-10pm.
The Lash
117 Winston St, Los Angeles, CA 90013


For our fifth year, KRAMPUS LOS ANGELES, in cooperation with THE DOWNTOWN ART WALK, is pleased to bring an authentic European style Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) to the city of Los Angeles. More of a interactive ruckus than orderly parade, this FREE event takes place on a closed-off block of Winston between Main and Los Angeles, where dozens of Krampuses will pursue those deserving the switch. While naughty hipsters can expect playful yet much-deserved swattings, children and more timid grown-ups will be protected by the benevolent St. Nicholas, overseeing festivities from a 19th-century-style steam car built and transported every to LA year by artist-engineer Kimric Smythe of BEAST BAY KRAMPUS.  Want to come in costume?  See below!


At 9pm, as the last photos are snapped and switch smacks dispensed, we invite you to head over for a (free) After Party at the appropriately named and somewhat underground nightclub THE LASH, situated behind the parade route. Have a drink, rub elbows with any horned parade devils who straggle in from the parade and enjoy a bit of song from cabaret artist and official national anthem singer for LA’s German Consulate, CHRISTINA LINHARDT interpreting Bertolt Brecht, Marlene Dietrich, and other Weimar-style favorites. Accompanying her will be musician and former clown/singing ringmaster for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus MICHAEL “TUBA” HEATHERTON. If not too hoarse from screaming orders to his Krampuses, ST. NICHOLAS may also drop by for a pint or two. Party is 21+ over with ID.


If you have assembled a complete Krampus suit (not just a mask or pair of horns), we’d be excited to have you join in the run as a performer, but you will need to send us a picture of your completed suit by December 12 to participate. We’ll give you further directions then. We are also looking for wranglers to help insure the safety of spectators and Krampus (those masks can be clumsy). If interested please message us by December 12.  CONTACT US HERE.