Alpine Nicholas-Krampus Play to Premiere

(ABOVE: Turn-of-the-century Nicholas troupe. SOURCE: Vienna Folklore Museum).

On December 13 2014, Krampus Los Angeles will claw its way to the very wellsprings of the Krampus tradition with the world’s first English-language production of an authentic Alpine Nikolausspiel, one of a series of “Nicholas plays” traditionally performed on the saint’s feast day in parts of Austria and Bavaria.

In 2014 UNESCO recognized the  the Nikolausspiel as an element of Austria’s “intangible cultural heritage,” or in the parlance of the UN, a “Human Treasure.”  Our Los Angeles presentation is a composite of several village plays, incorporating not only the Krampus and Nicholas, but also a juicy tirade by the Prince of Hell, the “Lucifer Sermon,” usually presented as a standalone act, as well as “Death and the Youth” featuring an exceedingly clueless young man stalked by a remorseless Reaper.

Krampusfest 2014 Events Announced

More details forthcoming, but for now the basics…

The Krampus: Presentation with Costumed Catwalk

Saturday, November 29, 2014: Krampus folklore explained and illustrated with a festive stream of rare images, film clips, and walk-ons by costumed members of the Krampus LA Troupe.  Over a dozen costumes, many never-before seen!  More details TBA.

The Krampus Ball

Saturday, December 6, 2014:  KrammpsteinD’Oberlandler Bavarian DancersRasputin’s Marionettes, German cabaret from Christina Linhardt and a fearsome visit by not only our indigenous Krampus, but also several of the real thing from Austria. Same lodge-style venue as 2013. Imaginative and comfortable Krampus-light costuming encouraged.  More details TBA.

Krampus at the Echo Park Community Parade

Saturday, December 13, 2014, (11am): The Krampus LA Troupe, a steam-powered Krampus-driven vehicle, and the first Austrian Krampuses to visit North America — several members of: The Alt Gnigler Krampus TroupeMore details TBA.

St. Nicholas 1888: A Kinder-Horror Holiday

Saturday, December 13, 2014, (Evening): Celebrating the sterner side of Christmas with a traditional Austrian Krampus play from the 1880s presented alongside the child-rearing terrors of “Der Struwwelpeter” (“Shockheaded Peter”).  All set in a historic building of the era! Costume event: period clothing, festive or grim encouraged. More details TBA.

(Past Events: 2013)

Krampus LA romps at Copro Gallery. Photo: Paul Koudounaris.

Scare LA Presentation

Scare-LA-2014-FBKrampus LA Directors Al Guerrero & Al Ridenour will give a talk next Saturday on Krampus folklore and local activities  at Scare LA, the ever-growing annual powwow for Halloween people in downtown Los Angeles.  Weekend tickets still available, and check their FB page for updates.

Our presentation happens Saturday, August 9 1:30-2:00.  Official description from the website:

“With a wave of Krampus comic books, TV cameos, and several Krampus feature films jockeying for the Christmas 2014 box office (including one by Kevin Smith), this August would be a great time to get the jump on the seasonal wave of Krampusmania.
Brought to you by Al Guerrero and Al Ridenour of Krampus Los Angeles, this panel will plunge you far beneath the depths of any passing Wikipedia acquaintance to explore the deepest, darkest roots of Krampus folklore and the figure’s relation to various phantoms, witches, and killer saints stalking Alpine crags and valleys.
The talk will be accompanied by a cavalcade of rare slideshow imagery and show-and-tell with costumes created by Krampus LA.
After whetting your appetite for the blood of naughty children, Guerrero and Ridenour will fill you in on local Krampus fun and games, what’s planned for 2014, and how you can help stem the tide of misbehaving children.”


2013 Event Photos Now Online

Thank you to everyone who helped make our first Krampusfest such a great success! Encouraged by 2013 results, we’re having fun brainstorming events for 2014, taking what worked best from 2013, expanding on that, and adding some monstrously new surprises.

Meanwhile, here are links to photo pages for events from Krampusfest 21013.  Photos of the Krampus Troupe itself can be found here.  We look forward to adding some new faces to the troupe roster next year after meeting many of you new beasties who came out of unknown forests for our events.





DECEMBER 21: The Krampus Rumpus!


Come as yourself or as your favorite costumed Alpine incarnation for this celebration of the Winter Solstice and the older more pagan end of Krampus season.

As tonight’s headliner, we offer the world premiere of a world-class spectacle: KRAMMPSTEIN, the high-concept, hard-rocking industrial Ragnarök of  Rammstein hybridized with the horns, pelts, and masks of our favorite Alpine Devil.  Green Jellÿ alum Greg Reynard and his crew of infernal co-Krampi, churn out Rammstein’s greatest hits obsessively reworked to lyrically reflect the inner world of the Krampus, hellfire, brutal thrashings, and Christmas cookies.

To further satisfy the hidden needs of your inner Krautrocker, we bring you the über-Germanic posturing of THE SOFT SERVE, “Leipzig’s biggest minimal synth band,”

And in a more traditional vein we offer FREE RANGE ORKESTAR changing key from Balkan to Alpine oohm-pah for the occasion. Then there is THE KRAMPUS CHOIR, yuletide manifestation of outsider artist Rich Polysorbate ever-baffling CLOWNS AND FETUSES.

Out back behind the club, you will find a pleasant beer garden, Krampus vendors, and MISTRESS KRAMPUS’ SALON & SPANKERY where sultry  she-devils spank away the cares and guilt of naughty grown-up children.

This  is the final event of Krampusfest 2013 and one not to be missed, but rest assured we’ll be back bigger and even badder in 2014.

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Saturday, December 21. Doors 7:30.
806 E Colorado Street
Glendale, CA 91205

Tickets: $10 at door.
Tickets: $7 in advance.