Krampus Los Angeles Troupe

The Krampus LA Troupe is the first troupe of its kind in the Western US.  Their unique suits are largely made from scratch,  in some cases borrowing readymade elements, and in all cases, the product of long hours of work by hand. The troupe first appeared in 2013, and by 2016 has grown to about 30 members. Founding members of the troupe have worked together in other street-theater events as part of the Cacophony Society.  You can read more information on the origins of Krampus LA here.

Are you interested in joining the troupe?

While everyone is welcome to attend Krampusfest events in whatever costume they care to contrive (or no costume at all), members of the core troupe are required to adhere to certain standards that approximate the look of traditional European costumes.  A pair of horns and a furry shawl is perfectly good party-wear, but troupe membership requires head-to-toe costuming based on an authentic prototype, and this inevitably requires a considerable investment of time and resources.  Sometimes attendees at events show up in wonderful traditional costumes they have created independently, and they are tapped for membership in out troupe.  Other times, interested parties approach us for help in creating authentic costumes, and we can happily provide some tips and leads.  If you interested in dedicating the resources necessary to being part of the core Krampus LA troupe, please read on.