Photos of The Krampus Rumpus


Thanks to the photographers Jon Alloway and Raul Roa of the Glendale News-Press for documenting the images on these pages!  Thanks also to the rock monsters of Krammpstein for making their monstrously clever songs available on Soundcloud.


On Saturday, December 21, 2013, Krampus Los Angeles hosted THE KRAMPUS RUMPUS at  Complex in Glendale. Costumed guest turned out in droves for this final event of the  season headlined by the world-class spectacle of KRAMMPSTEIN, the high-concept, hard-rocking industrial Ragnarök of Rammstein meets our favorite Alpine Devil. Further entertainment was provided by the farcical über-Kraut faux-Krautrockers THE SOFT SERVE, “Leipzig’s biggest minimal synth band,” and the more traditional Austrian oohm-pah-oohm-pa of FREE RANGE ORKESTAR.  The evening was rounded out with the dada tomfoolery of Rich Polysorbate’s  KRAMPUS CHOIR (more or less a yuletide incarnation of his CLOWNS AND FETUSES act).  The KRAMPUS LOS ANGELES TROUPE stormed in for a brief but frenzied appearance, spilling into the back patio “Spankery,” where a handful of grown-up children had all the naughtiness and dignity beaten out of them by sultry switch-wielding “Krampettes.”