The 2016 Krampus Ball (sold out)


St. Nick and Krampus with Hammerstein Band

Friday, December 2, 2016 (This event is sold out)

Doors 7:30pm. Show 8-12pm
Highland Park Ebell Club
131 S. Ave 57 (near Figueroa)
Advance sale tickets (highly recommended): $25.
Door sale (if available, not guaranteed): $35.
21 & over.


Four our fourth year, we return to the charmingly old-world ballroom in Highland Park where Krampus feels most at home. Our emcee for the evening will be that friend of good children everywhere (and merciless judge of the naughty), our very own St. Nicholas. There will be plenty of treats and blessings from the good saint, and plenty of Austrian STIEGL BEER from our bartenders.

Returning in their embroidered lederhosen and dirndls G.T.E.V. D’OBERLANDLER once again brings a sampling of the folk music and dance of Alpine Bavaria where the Krampus makes his home. Expect more, furious bench-thumping dances, the spirited sole-slapping fury of the Schuhplattler, Christmas melodies picked out on tuned Alpine cowbells, and the melodic bellowing of those 10-foot twin Alphorns.

Fronted by Bavarian-born Andreas Becket, HAMMERSTEIN MUSIK BAVARIA plays everything from boot-stomping polkas to tears-in-your-beer ballads of die Liebe gone wrong. They’ll even give you some on-the-fly dance lessons. The 4-piece ensemble boasts award winning classical musicians, seasoned studio pros and an academically trained ethnomusicologist, but they still haven’t forgotten how to party like a drunken goatherd at his first Oktoberfest. They’ve even appeared in a recently much aired, high-camp Wienerschnitzel commercial touting their fast food as “sorta German.” And, yes, there will be yodeling.

Representing the heathen side of the season, the band IRONWISE explores darker, sometimes witchy themes. Singer Laura Shodire celebrates “those of iron-strong wisdom and will,” in lyrics delivered over an eclectic brew of folky rock doused in gothic ether. Tonight they even debut a song about the Krampus.

Vocalist CHRISTINA LINHARDT will sing Schubert’s Der Erlkönig, (“Elf” or “Alder” King) from Goethe’s poem based upon old German legends. This supernatural tale of a sinister and mysterious being intent on seducing a child away from the world of mortals will be visualized by the puppet-masters of RASPUTIN’S MARIONETTES.  Assistance will be provided by our own St. Nicholas, RICK GALIHER.

At any point during the festivities, visitors may notice a gathering din of clanking cowbells telling them they are only moments from that moment the ballroom doors burst open and a massed attack by the two dozen or so devils and mountain spirits of KRAMPUS LA sweeps them into a maelstrom of horns and flicking switches. Pray that St. Nicholas can gain control of his malevolent slaves and save the evening!  

Providing percussion for the Krampus appearance as well as a short will be TALEA., a one-of-a-kind duo offering a unique mix of ambient/electronic soundscapes, tribal percussion, ambient and abrasive guitar, along with spoken word and operatic vocals.

Please purchase tickets early. DO NOT COUNT ON WALK-UP DOOR SALES. Every year this event sells out quite a bit before the date. Caveat emptor! Please also remember, this is an early show, over by midnight. And it’s earlier in the week than other years – FRIDAY NOT SATURDAY. In any case, you’ll want to early to allow yourself some extra moments to savor the surroundings, exchange pleasantries with other guests turned out in their yuletide best, snack on Pfeffernüsse. and snap some pictures of the still-fresh costumes. Krampus-inspired merchandise will be available from a few select vendors including AVE ROSE, MISS HAVISHAM’S CURIOSITIES, CHURCHYARD, GINGERBREAD CASKET, MISS FORMALDEHYDE, and XTABY JEWELRY.  Free Guest Photo Booth by ZACHERY GARNER PHOTOGRAPHY.