Costuming Tips

If you’re interested in costuming yourself as a Krampus, we’d like to refer you to a few posts that may help with particular aspects.

First we offer an overview of how masks and costumes are obtained in Europe (and why you’re probably not going to want to do that).

Then we offer some suggestions on a couple Krampus masks available domestically as well as many other relatively inexpensive masks that can adapted with the addition of horns.  Making masks from scratch tends to involve a fairly individualized approach, we have and will continue to post some in-progress photos of masks undertaken by Krampus LA troupe members in hopes that these may be instructive.

Costuming from the neck down — the furry suit, some resources and design design alternatives for less fur-intensive looks are offered in the body suit blog.

Bells are often an often neglected part of a Krampus costume.  They are unsuitable for indoor events (don’t even consider it!), but add a delightful aural dimension to the impression you could make as part of an outdoor Krampus run.

Some misunderstandings about some other accessories (switches, flails, chains, baskets) are cleared up in this posting.

Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of going all Krampus this year, perhaps there are some adjunct characters you might want to consider for your costume persona.  These associated figures tend to be wardrobed in elements you are more likely to be able to find cheaply or readymade.

Throughout the year, we will also be posting photographs and some descriptions of Krampus suits in the process of construction by Krampus LA members.  These will be categorized and tagged simply with “diy.”  These approaches tend to be a bit more complicated, and you are interested in this level of costuming, please get in touch, and we can arrange more detailed communication and closer involvement with our group.