Indigenous Krampus Meetup

LA Krampus reaches out occasionally to the Krampus homeland of Austria to contact those who can share a little firsthand information about how things work there. ¬†Recently, we were lucky to establish contact with¬†Austrian Krampus¬†Martin Zehentner¬†who works with the¬†Gnigler Krampuslauf, … Continue reading

“Straw” Krampus Visiting LA

LA Krampus Elizabeth Herndon is taking inspiration from a particularly odd straw-covered cousin of ¬†Krampus appearing annually in the town of¬†Bad¬†Mitterndorf, an Alpine town southeast of Salzburg. These broomlike¬†Schabm√§nner (roughly: “sweepers”) appear alongside their more typical Krampus cousins in the … Continue reading