Austrian Suits and Masks for Sale in LA

Our visiting friends from the Moor Troupe from Maishofen, Austria, are interested in selling some of their masks and suits to avoid paying the costs of bringing them back.  If you have ever considered buying authentic costume elements from Europe, this would be an opportunity not only to purchase them without paying the exorbitant transatlantic shipping costs, but to see them in person before buying.  Come to the Krampuslauf, Thursday, December 10, if interested, and ask one of our Krampus wranglers to introduce you to Al or Mike.  As the troupe would like to sell them before returning, prices are lower than normal for authentic gear, even for used items.  Having the cash on hand at the event may get you an additional discount.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to mail us.

Animal hide suit — $370. Carved wooden mask with plastic horns — $580

Animal hide suit $370. Carved wooden mask with plastic horns  $580

Goat hide suit.  $380

Goat hide suit. $380

Wooden mask, real cow horns $550

Wooden mask, real cow horns $550

Rare aluminum mask with real goat horns $1000

Rare aluminum mask with real goat horns $1000

Wooden mask $530

Wooden mask $530

Other masks, suits, belts, or flails may also be available.  Here’s what the Moorpass will be wearing at the Krampuslauf, some of which may be able to talk them out of bringing back.


Austrian Suits and Masks for Sale in LA — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Dana and Frank,

    Sorry for the slow reply. December 10-13, we were very busy with 4 different events, so am now getting back to picking up the pieces. Those masks, unfortunately, were only available the day of the Krampuslauf, and the following day, then our Austrian friends took them back with them.

    I’ve gotten several requests from people interested in locating authentic masks or help in buying them from overseas merchants. If you’d be interested in that, please send a message via the “contact” page.

    Al R.

  2. Im looking to pre order a krampus costume for Halloween. Im originally from Austria and am hoping you still have costumes and mask was also wondering if you do wood carved hoofs…I’m 6ft 3 so i understand if you don’t have costumes in my size but would go to long lengths to be set up right this Halloween….and it would take too long to hit up old folks in Austria… Thank you very much

  3. Looking to buy a full Krampus suit and mask. want to buy it as soon as possible. Todays date is August 1, 2019

  4. Do the traditional suits have a lining to them and is there any way that there’s any pattern I like the bell bottom type I’m at Ground Zero with a costume at the moment just trying to figure out a design and color and all that good stuff

    • Not aware of any patterns, but you can take those disposable painters coveralls, pull apart the seams, and use those as a start. That’s what some of us did.

  5. After further investigation the goat was looking at is not commercialized that’s why I couldn’t find a pelt thanks for all the tips

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