2019 Event Update

The LA Krampus Run & Krampus Ball

December 7, 2019
At Alpine Village

WEATHER: The Krampus Run is on. It should not be affected by weather. Current forecast (5:30am) does not show rain coming in till late Saturday night and only at 20% chance. In the unexpected eventuality of a change, we will run even in light rain. NOTE: The Torrance forecast differs from north in LA, so don’t be alarmed if you see rain further north.

TICKETS Unfortunately, there are no more tickets available for the Krampus Ball. No additional pre-sale. None available at the door. Sorry for we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to attend.


December 7, 2019
The Alpine Village
833 W Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90502

7pm: Doors
7-9pm: Food, Drink, Roving Performers
9pm – Midnight: Stage Show


No tickets will be available at the door.

KRAMMPSTEIN Industrial metal gods Rammstein incarnated as Krampus!
ROSEMARYS BILLYGOAT Mad metal costume-rock devilry!
HAMMERSTEIN BAND Polka party from the Krampus’ homeland!
TOTENDANSE A musical medievalists dancing with a horse skull!

The annual Krampus Run will take place outside the ballroom from 6-7. (See “Krampus Run” below for details”)

If you’ve purchased a pre-sale ticket, you can go directly from the Krampus Run to the ballroom to have a drink at the bar, enjoy a sampling of Alpine Village’s German cuisine, and browse through the wares in our Krampus-inspired artisan row (vendors below).  Vendor sales will continue throughout the event.  You will also be entertained by roving performances from…

TOTTENDANSE, a troupe of musicians, dancers, and other entertainers inspired by the danse macabre of the Middle Ages accompanied by a Mari Lwyd, the horse-skull mummer’s figure from Welsh Christmas tradition.


Our first stage act is Hammerstein fronted by Bavarian-born Andreas Becket and offering everything from boot-stomping polkas to tears-in-your-beer ballads of Liebe gone wrong. They’ll also provide some on-the-fly dance lessons and some darker takes on traditional Christmas songs. The 4-piece ensemble boasts award winning classical musicians, seasoned studio pros and an academically trained ethnomusicologist, but they still haven’t forgotten how to party like a drunken goatherd at Oktoberfest.


Our second act, fronted by Mike Odd balances cartoonish goofs with wickedly effective horror-metal, Rosemary’s Billygoat creates a fire-breathing psychotronic circus of a stage show with mammoth props, costumed stunts, and other devilry that would make the Krampus proud.


Headlining tonight will be this inexplicably weird but oh-so-right hybridization of German industrial-metal gods Rammstein and everyone’s favorite Yule devil. Outfitted in leather, fur, horns, and masks, the band tears through an apocalyptic stage show, churning out Rammstein hits lyrically reworked to obsessively detail the child-beating lifestyle of the Krampus. Dazzling stage-show effects, infernal lighting, and Christmas cookies compliment the spectacle.


While your best chance to catch the horned throng would be at the Krampuslauf preceding the ball, it’s rumored that a costumed contingent from KRAMPUS LOS ANGELES will may show up to chase you around the dance floor.

You’re also invited to come in costume. Though it’s not a requirement, it seems we can hardly stop our guests from consistently showing up in amazing array costumes portraying Krampus, the Krampus-adjacent, and other original takes on the theme. Arrive early to allow yourself exchange pleasantries and snap shots with our guests turned out in their diabolically festive yuletide best.

The show will be emceed as usual by FESTMEISTER HANS, Oktoberfest host, impressario, and LA’s favorite German-about-town.

FOOD AND DRINK: The bars will be open throughout the evening. Full menu available until 10pm, appetizers until 11pm.

AGES: Under 18 ok with adult guardian before 10pm. 18+ after 10pm.


Bat in Your BelfryDrakenstein ArtMiss FormaldehydeTee No EvilZombolinaGhoulish Bunny, and merchandise from KRAMPUS LOS ANGELES,  KRAMMPSTEIN & ROSEMARY’S BILLYGOAT .  The folklore/history book The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas by Krampus LA organizer Al Ridenour, will also be available for sale in the admissions area.


December 7, 2019
The Alpine Village
833 W Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90502

(Free, All Ages, Outdoor Event)

In our new setting for the Krampus Run, your encounter with the costumed monsters of Krampus Los Angeles will be the closest thing yet to the experience you’d enjoy in a little town in the Alps. The the festivities take place amid the faux-Bavarian splendor of Alpine Village’s chalet-styled shops and chapel..  Leaving the urban fishbowl we’ve been using in downtown Los Angeles creates more space, more twists, turns, and hiding places for chases and for surprises encounters with switch-bearing devils.

For the uninitiated, the Krampus Run (Krampuslauf) is not really a “run” and not quite a parade but more of an interactive ruckus featuring a couple dozen yuletide devils and mountain spirits in handcrafted costumes. (Beware the towering Habergeiss, demon goat of Alpine legend!).

It begins at the stroke of 6, when St. Nicholas emerges from the quaint onion-domed chapel with a warning for the unrighteous and their just deserts approaching. Then comes sound of bells clattering on dozens of Krampus belts moments before the devils explode into the crowd. Naughty hipsters can expect much-deserved swattings, while children and more timid grown-ups can expect more gentle interactions. All is under control of the stern but benevolent old saint, who at 7pm calls back the Krampus and ends the Krampuslauf.


We’re always looking for participants, whether that be Krampus wranglers or costumed beasties.  But we need to know who’s playing with us, so please be sure to get in touch with us early (before December 1) so we can coordinate.  Please email for info.


2019 Event Update — 11 Comments

  1. Will you guys be accepting vendors or crafters? I’m a silversmith:) I’m going to use antique jewelry dies to make some krampus pieces for Witch Walk Dtsa (downtown santa ana) in a couple weeks. :)

    • Thanks for getting in touch, but I believe our vendor section is full. However, I’ll pass on your contact info to our vending coordinator in case anything opens up.

  2. Hi. Is the Karampus ball an all ages event as well? I have 2 teens, they love Ramstein and metal. Ages 14 and 16. Can they enter with a ticket?

    • Hi Juan, I think you may have message us via the FB group already? But I may have given you incorrect information if you heard that kids aren’t allowed to attend. I checked again with the venue, and apparently under 18 is okay as long as they enter with an adult guardian.

  3. I suggest having extra bartenders this year. I really enjoyed the event last year, but it was very difficult to get a drink because there were like 2 bartender andno organized line which resulted in people getting served out of order.

    • Krampus Los Angeles doesn’t run the bar. It’s Alpine Village that staffs and runs that, however, I’m more than happy to pass on your observation to the venue. Hopefully the experience is a little better this year. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Yes. We’ve run in light drizzle before, so unless it’s absolutely pouring, we’ll be out there. It’s only 50% chance right now, and we’re only talking about an hour of the day, so there’s a good chance we’ll be dry enough.

    • Unfortunately, the Ball is officially sold out. Tickets were $30.
      There’s a chance there may be a very few extra tickets (maybe 10-40), but I won’t know that for several days.
      I’ll post an alert to our Facebook group (and possibly our website) when I do so, so watch for it there.
      They won’t be sold at the door, only presale.

      • Thank you. How about next year, when will the run and ball be in 2020 and when will those tickets go on sale? I’ll also follow you guys on FB, so I won’t miss any posts.

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