That “Krampus” Movie

For months, we have been getting questions about Universal’s horror-comedy Krampus that was finally released Thursday.  Though the production has helped raise a general awareness of the name, “Krampus,” American understanding of the figure will only be clouded by the muddled mythology it creates for the figure.

Eager for the public to understand how  the film diverges from the traditional folklore, I wrote an article for the website Boing Boing, where I summarize:

The simplest thing I can say about the film’s authenticity, is what I wrote post-screening to Universal publicists declining my intended involvement in their promotions. I wrote: “I thought there would be a Krampus in the movie.”

Reimagining the folklore does not in this case breathe exciting new life into the production.  For the full story, please see the original article on Boing Boing.

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