Krampus at the Echo Park Community Parade


Echo Park’s Community Parade (formerly “Holiday Parade”) will be a little different this year thanks to the appearance of an unusual number of shaggy horned devils. Our free public Krampuslauf has relocated to the hipster-friendly Eastside and is evolving to include a wheeled Krampuswagon or two. This’ll be your chance to snap a few broad daylight photos of the beasts — some walking, some riding (and we can’t promise there won’t be a few sneaking up behind unwary spectators on the sidewalk).  Bring the kids and scare them straight!  Our indigenous Krampus will not only be joined by Bay Area artist-engineer Kimric Smythe and his KRAMPUS-DRIVEN STEAMCAR but also THE FIRST EUROPEAN KRAMPUSES TO VISIT NORTH AMERICA — several members of the Salzburg-area Alt Gnigler Krampus and Perchten Troupe.


LEFT: Alt Gnigler Krampus ((c) Foto Sulzer, Salzburg.  RIGHT: Kimric Smythe Krampus Steamcar.

Krampus at the Echo Park Community Parade
Saturday, December 13, 2014, (11am-2pm)
Route: along Sunset Blvd. from Elysian Park Ave. to Park Ave
Further info — email us.