Appearing with the Krampus Troupe

In most cases, it require attendance at a loosely structured and flexible series of workshops, and a not-insignificant outlay of time and resources.

What It Is Not

    • SantaCon
    • A chance to get wasted and fuck shit up.
    • Something you and your friend decide to do the night before but then miss the start of because you were too hungover to get your ride back from Santa Cruz that morning.
    • A chance to assert your painful individuality by creating the perfect “Anti-Krampus” costume out of 1 yard of hot pink craft fur and a $2 set of devil horns. Same goes for mylar, garbage bags, and shredded office paper.  (Though this — as well as the inevitable and innumerable iterations of “Sexy Krampus” — is heartily welcome at other Krampusfest events.)

What It Is

  • A cross-cultural mashup in the form of street theater.
  • A chance to learn more about the tradition than your average hipster reposting Pinterest images once a year.
  • A chance to get to know other resourceful, dedicated “Maker” types interested in  thrifty, creative solutions to creating those elaborate masks and costumes.
  • A chance to alter consensual reality on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • A chance to not only look like a bad-ass Devil motherfucker, but also own the suit.

The Krampus Los Angeles Krampus Run troupe will adhere to high standards of costume detail and public performance, modeled primarily on traditional European practice and appearance.  Though we encourage the sharing of resources and ideas, each member will be responsible for his own suit and mask, whether crafted from scratch or assembled from purchased items.

Despite these strict requirements, we currently have a substantial and eager roster of Krampus Run participants (roughly 15 members as of July 2012) and expect that number to grow.

To receive more information on upcoming troupe workshops and brainstorming sessions, as well as membership in the online discussion group, please fill out this form.