Copro Gallery Show Finalized

Thanks so much to Copro Gallery and Albert Cuellar for curating and stellar show of Krampusy awesomeness!  The group exhibition, “Naughty or Nice” will run through January 4, 2014, and you can get all the details here.

At the opening reception, Krampus LA will construct a special outdoor tableau, a sort of infernal Krampus habitat and petting/spanking zoo.

Exhibiting artists include:

Anthony Ausgang
Al Guerrero
Al Ridenour
Bec Winnel
Big Toe
Bill Rude
Bob Dob
Bob Lizarraga
Brian Smith
Casey Weldon
Chantal Menard
Chet Zar
Christy Kane
Church of Type
Erik Alos
Eric Richardson
James Naccarato
James P. Scott
Jason Hadley
Jason Snyder
Jeff McMillan
Jennifer Korsen
Jim Balsam
Karen Hsiao
Lisa Wood
Lorena California
Louie Metz
Luke Cheuh
Mackie Osborne
Marcel Dejure
Marcus Schaeffer
Matt Gordon
Nathan Spoor
Nora Keyes
Redd Walitzki
Rich Polysorbate
Rick Zar
Robin Red
Rudy Fig
Ryan Heshka
Sarabeth Schedeen
Spy Emerson
Tim Burton
Travis Louie
Xiau Fong Wee


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