About Krampusfest 2014

Krampusfest is a multi-venue celebration of the Krampus tradition taking place in and around Los Angeles throughout December.  The festival began in 2013 and is now in its second year.

Traditional dates for Krampus activities are December 5 & 6, but our California celebrations spill generously beyond and throughout December.  Details for Krampusfest 2014 events will be posted on this site by late Summer or early Fall. Meanwhile, photos from 2013 events can be seen here.

Events include shows of themed art, music, and performance, as well as workshops and public romps by the first and largest Krampus troupe in the Western US. Our goal is to entertain, educate, and foster an international connection with a growing community dedicated to playfully reshaping the holiday.  We have organized casual meetings with Austrian Krampus troupe members and hope to one day bring European Krampus comrades to the US to participate in costumed events alongside their excitable Californian counterparts.