More and More Cowbell!

If you’ve ever seen a genuine Krampus run, you will never forget the sound — dozens or even hundreds of huge cowbells, or even larger purpose-made bells “frog-mouth bells” (Froschmaul Glocken).   Unfortunately, these special bells are impossible to find stateside, and impossibly expensive to buy and ship from overseas, but LA Krampuses are coming up with alternatives.

Below you’ll see how LA Krampus Al Ridenour started with a hefty double-wide workbelt, aged a bit with sandpaper and acetone, added chain and chain-hangers (inverted picture hangers) rusted in a corrosive baths of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  As an extra — not necessarily traditional — touch, he added bits of bone and antler.  The bells are either from eBay or new items  antiqued with paint or treated chemically.


Finished belt…



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