Scare LA Presentation

Scare-LA-2014-FBKrampus LA Directors Al Guerrero & Al Ridenour will give a talk next Saturday on Krampus folklore and local activities  at Scare LA, the ever-growing annual powwow for Halloween people in downtown Los Angeles.  Weekend tickets still available, and check their FB page for updates.

Our presentation happens Saturday, August 9 1:30-2:00.  Official description from the website:

“With a wave of Krampus comic books, TV cameos, and several Krampus feature films jockeying for the Christmas 2014 box office (including one by Kevin Smith), this August would be a great time to get the jump on the seasonal wave of Krampusmania.
Brought to you by Al Guerrero and Al Ridenour of Krampus Los Angeles, this panel will plunge you far beneath the depths of any passing Wikipedia acquaintance to explore the deepest, darkest roots of Krampus folklore and the figure’s relation to various phantoms, witches, and killer saints stalking Alpine crags and valleys.
The talk will be accompanied by a cavalcade of rare slideshow imagery and show-and-tell with costumes created by Krampus LA.
After whetting your appetite for the blood of naughty children, Guerrero and Ridenour will fill you in on local Krampus fun and games, what’s planned for 2014, and how you can help stem the tide of misbehaving children.”


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