Finishing Costumes. Join Up!

Fall is almost here, so we’re going to start posting some pictures of costumes you can expect to see on the streets and art spaces of  Los Angeles this December.  Here are two by Al Ridenour (AKA “Reverend Al”).

LA Krampus Costumes

Do you have a suit? Are you interested in making or buying a suit? If you’re ready for what’ll be a fairly serious commitment of either time or money (or maybe a bit of both), then we’d love to have you as part of The Krampus Los Angeles Performance Troupe. About a dozen of us have been workshopping suits and performance ideas for a few months now, and there are some other pretty kickass outfits we’ll be posting over the next few weeks. For more info on participating as a troupe member, please go here:

Throughout the autumn, we’ll also be posting resources and ideas for cheaper and quicker approaches for those who just want to accessorize a bit for any of December’s upcoming Krampusfest events.

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