More Austrian Media on LA/Salzburg Krampusing

Another article in a Salzburg paper about our Austrian friends from the Krampus troupe (Alt Gnigler Krampus Perchten Pass) visiting LA!


Krampus Runs all the Way to the USA

The Altgnigler Krampuses Export the Krampus Tradition to Los Angeles

SALZBURG / LOS ANGELES. Salzburg resident Martin Zehentner and the Altgnigler Krampus Troupe are bringing a special kind of export to Los Angeles. A group of artists from Los Angeles (USA) has become aware of the Salzburg tradition of the Krampus and Perchten, and took up this tradition and by the Winter 2013 had already organized a Krampus run down Sunset Boulevard. This year the Altgnigler Krampuses were invited to Los Angeles to attend more Krampus events. “That’s actually a funny story. I’ve worked for seven years volunteering with the Gnigler Krampus run and with the Altgnigler Krampus troupe and maintain its Facebook page. Sometime in the fall of 2012, I was contacted by Al Ridenour, an artist from Los Angeles. Ridenour had witnessed this tradition in the course of a Salzburg-holiday, “says Zehentner, who in early December will be flying with his sister and nephew to Los Angeles.

“I am already excited. There is a Krampus run and a Krampus ball, which is comparable to our “Krampus Spectacles. “But can you imagine that – a Krampuslauf on Sunset Boulevard? Granted, people making something like this happen must be somewhat crazy, but hardly different from some of our fanatics who spend so much time with these traditions. We felt it was very important that these Salzburg customs would be realized authentically. As we know the Americans might confuse the customs, we are hoping to act in an advisory capacity so the whole thing runs more traditionally, but the masks are very similar, “says Zehentner, who believes that this may speed up the cultural exchange and dialogue. In the coming year one hopes the Americans might be invited to Salzburg.



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