Participate in Krampusfest

Get your Krampus On!

Anyone can be a participant in Krampusfest, and we encourage you to join in the spirit more fully by showing up in costume.  Most or all Krampusfest events held at art and entertainment venues welcome and indeed encourage creative costuming by attendees.

Participate Online

Passionate Krampopihles and creative types may enjoy participating in discussions in our  Facebook group.  There is also an organization page you can “like” to show your allegiance to the Dark One.

Krampus Troupe Appearances

The public “Krampus Run” (“Krampuslauf“) is part of European tradition.  In these, Krampuses take to the streets or other public areas waving switches, rattling chains and bells  and otherwise  playfully menacing onlookers with threat of “punishment” for the “sins” of the previous year.  The Krampus Los Angeles Performance Troupe looks forward to bringing this tradition to Los Angeles.

Though the exact sites or routes of appearances cannot at this point be revealed, what can be confirmed is that Krampus LA Troupe members will have worked together for months to prepare painstakingly detailed and largely traditional costumes, and that the event will be conducted along largely traditional lines.

In addition to appearances on public streets, members of the Krampus LA Performance Troupe will also make their presence known at venues where Krampusfest events are held.