Indigenous Krampus Meetup 2

While inevitably different from traditional groups in Europe, LA Krampus nonetheless attempts to absorb what we can of the genuine tradition by meeting and talking with those who practice it in its original form and setting.  Visiting the Alpine Town of Bad Gastein, to witness very traditional Krampus activities in 2012, LA Krampus Co-founder Al Ridenour upon return began correspondening with Bruno Leiminger, a member of a Bad Gastein Krampus troupe  who lately  performs as, a St. Nicholas.

A Bad Gastein Krampus Troupe

A Bad Gastein Krampus Troupe

When Bruno planned a visited to study trip to UC Berkley and visit down to Southern California, LA Krampus set up a meeting.  Bruno had been completely unaware of America’s growing fascination with Krampus, and marveled at our enthusiasm and sometimes peculiar understanding and adaptation of the traditions. Before evening’s end, we were planning  a future visit to Los Angeles by Bruno’s Bad Gastein troupe.  20014, 20015?  Fingers crossed.

Greetings to Bruno (in center, white T-shirt) and our other horned friends back in the Alps!



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