Perchta in Progress

Tamara Rettino will be joining the LA Krampus Troupe as Frau Perchta,  witchy South German goddess and leader of the Wild Hunt,  an otherworldy mob of lost souls or supernatural beings called Perchten, named after their mistress Frau Perchta, is depicted in different forms, sometimes benevolent, sometimes evil, and often with two faces to represent both aspects.  The Perchten who follow her also can be either good or evil.  Krampus is thought to have evolved from the evil variety or Shiachperchten.


Work begins with a simple Mexican mask bearing a family resemblance to Krampus.


Details are carved or molded with epoxy putty.


Painting in some witchy features.


With paint and kerchief and hair.


Perchta in Progress — 1 Comment

  1. Personally, my approach to Frau Perchta has in no way been associated with evil, nor do I view the Krampus as such. Darkness is not in and of itself evil, in fact it is necessary for growth. The research I’ve down and the feeling I have in my gut traces connects me to these archetypes in forms that are far older than their Christian remodelings. I see Frau Perchta as walking a very interesting line between wild and domestic. She is leader of the wild hunt, and teacher and enforcer of domestic ritual, particularly spinning. Her belly slitting aspect, which I see as symbolic, is more about initiatory rites than malice, and she is known to be the care taker of the souls of unbaptised children. I see Perchta in her dual nature, a shape shifter, moving fluidly from maiden to crone, from human to beast, from skillful disciplined practice to pure unbridled instinct, emotion and power. She can grant fortune, sweep away bad luck, and sweep in good. She can sweep away the cold of winter itself. The perchten/Krampus are simply the personification of her wildest deepest most animalistic self. The serve an important role in society, and I do not see them as evil anymore than you can call any forest beast evil for simply performing according to their nature.

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