DECEMBER 21: The Krampus Rumpus!


Come as yourself or as your favorite costumed Alpine incarnation for this celebration of the Winter Solstice and the older more pagan end of Krampus season.

As tonight’s headliner, we offer the world premiere of a world-class spectacle: KRAMMPSTEIN, the high-concept, hard-rocking industrial Ragnarök of  Rammstein hybridized with the horns, pelts, and masks of our favorite Alpine Devil.  Green Jellÿ alum Greg Reynard and his crew of infernal co-Krampi, churn out Rammstein’s greatest hits obsessively reworked to lyrically reflect the inner world of the Krampus, hellfire, brutal thrashings, and Christmas cookies.

To further satisfy the hidden needs of your inner Krautrocker, we bring you the über-Germanic posturing of THE SOFT SERVE, “Leipzig’s biggest minimal synth band,”

And in a more traditional vein we offer FREE RANGE ORKESTAR changing key from Balkan to Alpine oohm-pah for the occasion. Then there is THE KRAMPUS CHOIR, yuletide manifestation of outsider artist Rich Polysorbate ever-baffling CLOWNS AND FETUSES.

Out back behind the club, you will find a pleasant beer garden, Krampus vendors, and MISTRESS KRAMPUS’ SALON & SPANKERY where sultry  she-devils spank away the cares and guilt of naughty grown-up children.

This  is the final event of Krampusfest 2013 and one not to be missed, but rest assured we’ll be back bigger and even badder in 2014.

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Saturday, December 21. Doors 7:30.
806 E Colorado Street
Glendale, CA 91205

Tickets: $10 at door.
Tickets: $7 in advance.


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